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She's a writer, reader, daydreamer, wife, and mom. 

Lisa Herrington

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Check out the latest Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance, and Romantic Suspense titles from Lisa Herrington. Read excerpts and even download some for free!

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Coffee and Twinkle Lights

------ Sometimes when things go wrong, all you need is a little coffee and some twinkle lights.

Evie Mae Shepard is living her dream of running her coffee shop business out of her very own food truck, spending time with her loving family, and solving crimes online with her sleuthing friends at night. Admittedly, a bit quirky and too honest for her own good, she loves her life and wouldn’t change a thing.

Wedding Bouquet

Check out the latest titles from

Lisa  Herrington


Chasing Love

Marlow Ripley has it all, beauty, health, wealth, and the perfect diamond engagement ring. On the day she’s supposed to say I do, her world comes crashing down.


With 500 people waiting inside New Orleans’ most notable landmark, the St. Louis Cathedral, she has no one to turn to in an emergency.

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The Pursuit

A troubled young woman struggles to keep her past secret-
But without the truth, does she have a future? Tenille Sims can’t go home. After spending the last year hiding, she’s learned to accept that her life is a series of tragic events. Marking all her days by the losses she’s been dealt, her only option is to keep moving. 


The Fix

Sydney Bell was the daughter of a police officer, and she knew exactly how far was too far when it came to the law. But the lines between right and wrong blurred when it involved matters of the heart.  

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Sunny Paradise

Can a passionate woman admit that she’s scared to fight for what she wants, or will she accept the miserable life she has instead of the dream by surrendering to the path of least resistance?

Nalani Kahale was living a life she never wanted. The entire world thought Maui, Hawaii, was paradise, but growing up there, it wasn’t her ideal.


Million Reasons

Single mother, Olivia Dufrene, can't afford to fall in love while balancing ALL THE THINGS; motherhood, A crazy ex, double-shifts as a waitress to make ends meet. Forget about romance, her life is full with just getting through every day.


One Starry Night

Writer Lilly Ryan has moved to be closer to her college-age daughter, to be nearer to her father’s nursing home, and to flee a ruthless stalker.

Truthfully, she’s never been safe anywhere, but those family secrets aren’t supposed to be discussed.

Mistletoe in Maisonville


What happens to a Writer-preneur when hard work meets adversity? A coffee truck business, a disloyal rescue dog, and possibly hypothermia.


Felicity Storey was driven. She knew what she wanted and the way to success was through a lot of hard work. It certainly wasn’t given to a small-town girl with zero connections.

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Fall Again

Reagan Gentry thought she’d met her match when she fell for Seth Young, a hot doctor who swept her off her feet. Their chemistry was explosive. She was ready to take the next step. Head over heels in love… 



This Southern Gothic Tale is set in Dixon Springs. A spot so far off the map that the highway and train tracks both end here.

Home to Meg and her big sister, Sophia, all they want is a chance in life and to get out of this dying place.


The Beach House

The beach house has been in the Craig family for generations along with their secret lemon cookie recipe. Caroline returns for her son’s birthday, because this is the place for family fun, laughter, and memories.

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Welcome Dear Reader

Lisa Herrington is a Women's Fiction and Contemporary Romance Writer. A former medical sales rep, she currently manages the largest Meet-Up writing group in the New Orleans area, The Bayou Writer’s Club.


She was born and raised in Louisiana, attended college at Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi and accepts that in New Orleans we never hide our crazy but instead parade it around on the front porch and give it a cocktail.


It’s certainly why she has so many stories to tell today. When she’s not writing, and spending time with her husband and three children, she spends time reading, watching old movies or planning something new and exciting with her writer's group.

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