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Christmas Lights

Coffee and Twinkle Lights

----- Sometimes when things go wrong, all you need is a little coffee and some twinkle lights.

coffee and twinkle lights final cover 3D (transparent).png

Evie Mae Shepard is living her dream of running her coffee shop business out of her very own food truck, spending time with her loving family, and solving crimes online with her sleuthing friends at night. Admittedly, a bit quirky and too honest for her own good, she loves her life and wouldn’t change a thing.

But life has seasons and as the holidays near, things change in Evie’s world, and she has a difficult time adjusting. After all, she’s never spent a holiday alone.

When the handsome man moves in next door and is stand-offish, that is fine by her because she doesn’t feel the need to make nice. As long as he keeps to his side of the property, then everything will be fine.

Maxim Vlahos has relocated to the small water-town for peace and quiet. After an impossible breakup, he needs to get his life back on track. He writes crime thrillers and has a strict deadline. If only his traitorous dog wasn’t in love with the straight-talking coffee shop girl next door and constantly causing them to interact.

Can these two enemies find a way to get along or will they remain at odds only agreeing over the giant stray that has won both their hearts?

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