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Mistletoe in Maisonville

----- A Southern Small Town Christmas Romance


What happens to a Writer-preneur when hard work meets adversity? A coffee truck business, a disloyal rescue dog, and possibly hypothermia.

Felicity Storey was driven. She knew what she wanted and the way to success was through a lot of hard work. It certainly wasn’t given to a small-town girl with zero connections.

Born to be a writer, she needed to figure out a way to support herself until that writing career took off. When an opportunity to co-own a small coffee business emerged, it seemed like everything she could want and need. But there were plenty of swindlers looking to take advantage of a young naïve business owner and Felicity never saw the double-cross coming.

Suddenly faced with losing her small business, she agreed to be a ghostwriter for a manufacturing company CEO. But working for Hudson Frost wouldn’t be easy, particularly since Felicity had to travel with him and still manage her coffee business. His life of privilege would ensure they couldn’t see eye to eye, especially since he had a single-minded intensity for his company, and Felicity had to balance writing, a small business, and a codependent rescue dog.

When the two of them are forced together, in the middle of an emergency, Felicity is confronted with yet another crisis. Would she give up everything she’d worked for just to protect her heart?

Mistletoe in Maisonville is a Southern Small Town Romance with heart. It has life-long best friends, a funny rescue dog, and a gutsy save-herself female protagonist with an unforgettable happily ever after.

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