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Basket and Wild Flowers

Sunny Paradise

----- Can a passionate woman admit that she’s scared to fight for what she wants, or will she accept the miserable life she has instead of the dream by surrendering to the path of least resistance?

Nalani Kahale was living a life she never wanted. The entire world thought Maui, Hawaii, was paradise, but growing up there, it wasn’t her ideal. There was no use complaining about being a waitress in the family restaurant business or settling down with a nice local boy because her father gave her a chance to try something different. After all, she’d left the island to go to college and still landed right back where she’d started--at home.

When tragedy strikes, Nalani has a chance encounter in New Orleans with Police Chief Patrick Morales. Sparks fly between them, but she has a dark past and emotional scars she hasn’t confessed to anyone.
Patrick Morales has spent his life protecting others. First in the military and then in law enforcement. When he sees Nalani in peril, his instincts kick in to save her.

For the first time in his career, he takes his work personally and inserts himself as her defender. After all, Nalani needs to take the time to heal from her injuries, and while he’s witnessed her fighting spirit, she isn’t strong enough to defy her family’s wishes for her to fly home. But he can see she doesn’t want to go.


Can Nalani face her fears and reach for the second chance life gives her?

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