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Cherry Blossom

The Pursuit

----- A troubled young woman struggles to keep her past secret-
But without the truth, does she have a future?

The Pursuit 3D Transparent.png

Tenille Sims can’t go home. After spending the last year hiding, she’s learned to accept that her life is a series of tragic events. Marking all her days by the losses she’s been dealt, her only option is to keep moving. But the lure of friends and family is ever present in the small town she’s currently living in, and Tenille is desperate for security and to feel close to someone. If only she could be brave enough to trust again.

The one person that could help her is the man they call Reaper, who is retired from the military and currently works personal security for a local politician. But he’s fighting his own past and can sense trouble on Tenille the instant they meet. She’s hiding some dark secrets, and in his experience, there is no place to go when you start with a lie.

All is not as it seems with the delicate woman soaked in Southern charm and the stakes are higher than any of them can imagine. Can Tenille break the cycle of running, hiding, and lying long enough to care about someone or will letting her guard down prove to be deadly?

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