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Keep Moving Forward


While querying my first novel, I am continuing to learn a lot about the art of writing and what works for me. Writing is a solitary exercise and although I live for those moments of creativity, I am a social girl at heart. I can write for hours and hours but at the end of the day or as luck would have it, a few times a month; I have a need to discuss writerly things. (Yes, I said Writerly.)


I was very fortunate at the Writer’s Digest Conference to meet a handful of incredible writer’s and even more privileged to have made a couple of great writer friends. Rosemary and Elaine are very talented writers and are going through the journey of getting published, too. We share our work and support one another via email. Their friendship is invaluable, personal, honest, and inspirational. We understand the effort it takes to push our work and therefore encourage each other to stay on top of our publishing goals!


Having two friends that are serious novelists convinced me to connect with more writers. After all, if three writers are powerful then what about a like-minded group?

I consider it divine intervention that just as I needed a writing group, one was being created. The Bayou Writer’s Club was started by an industrious local writer, Rebecca, who had the fervor to bring local writers together via the website “Meet Up.”

The BWC is an eclectic group of writers. We have some that are published, traditional and self, as well as beginners. So far, we have writers of fiction, non-fiction, romance, fantasy, literary drama, horror, screenplays, sci-fi, woman’s fiction, historical fiction, short stories, children’s picture books, YA and Poetry!

We have new members joining every week and have something for every type of writer.


Who knew that encouraging other writers could stir your creativity to new levels? Or that it could also help you stay on top of your writing goals. (It is true!)

Honestly, I get incredibly enthusiastic when I talk to my fellow writers about their projects, the writing industry, how we can better help each other, or critique each other’s work. Just discussing their challenges as well as successes makes me anxious to write, write, write. (Who knows where inspiration comes from, perhaps it arises from desperation. Perhaps it comes from the flukes of the universe, the kindness of the muses.” –Amy Tan, American Writer)


My writing life is so much richer for the friends that I have made. I am grateful every day that I have met all of these wonderful people that happen to be writers too!

So today I would like to issue you a friendly challenge. If you haven’t found a group then start one. Meet Up is a great place to begin and your local library is another.

Find your people and you just might find your spark to keep writing, editing, and querying.

Until next time, keep writing.


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