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Getting Started

A Great Big Welcome

WELCOME to my first blog post.

With all of the other things that vie for your attention, I truly appreciate you giving my words a quick look-see.

Hopefully, after you give me the sixty second scan, you will find my spot interesting and useful enough to return.

Brief about me

A few things about me… I am a writer! (Among other things for now…)

I scribble on the back of receipts, type things out on my phone while in line at the store, and sometimes get to sit down in front of my computer and do it on purpose. (You, too?)

What I have never done is consider writing for the entertainment of others. I guess I never considered it as something real, which is funny since I read all of the time. I mean, someone is out there writing these books, right? Why can’t it be me? (Why can’t it be you?)

What you can expect… Or Platform

Most blogs that I read have “Platforms” to which they dedicate their writing. Some have a worthy cause that they are championing, while others may offer advice on something else.

Personally, I am looking to help other writers, like me, that want to get their work out there. Simply, encourage others to take the leap (of faith) into getting published or just to keep writing.

The Idea

My idea is to journal regularly on my efforts, experiences, triumphs, and near misses for you to see. I have a lot to learn and thus, a lot to share.

I don’t know anyone in the business and am far from being an expert. I am simply a regular girl writer, trying to do my best to make it to the next level. I can promise to be open and honest through this adventure. After all, we want the truth right? (If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. –Mark Twain…love that one!)


I truly didn’t know anything about how to get a novel published.

Once I finished my first novel, I was excited but felt bereft. What was I going to do in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep? (Watch an infomercial on the next new thing to hit the blender market?)

I brainstormed for a while and then did what came natural… I started writing. It was fulfilling but I felt like I was cheating on my first book. Honestly, how could I have spent so much time with it, love it, nurture it, and then just ignore it.

Next, I started feeling isolated in my craft. I was sort of lonely, not like something I could cure by visiting the self-help section of the book store, but maybe more like I needed writers’ anonymous. I desperately wanted to connect with other writers. People who feel like I do about the process…You know how it takes over your brain space until you write it somewhere! How about when a character that you create starts correcting you when you write something that he wouldn’t have said or done? (Okay maybe that is schizophrenia and perhaps another support group all together! But you get it.)

Forced Journaling

It really helps me when I put my thoughts down on paper, or computer…sometimes iPhone, and I need to keep myself organized.

Keeping a journal seems like a logical way to keep my process in order and make it easier for others in the community to keep in touch. (A journal that I am held accountable to writing=perfect)

I love to write, but know that I have a ton to learn about getting published. It is pretty scary trying to tackle the unknown alone. I am certain that having company through the process will make it easier for me and hopefully, I can help you, too! (I am always braver when other people are around.)

The End All Goal

I anticipate learning a lot from my efforts and yours. I hope to build a small community of unpublished writers that can help one another with their goals, whether large or small.

Please feel free to share if you are trying to get published, your genre writing preferences, if you are just starting a novel, finishing a novel, wherever you are in the process, I would love to know. (There are others like us!)


Something that everyone needs, but everyone doesn’t get is encouragement. I will give it to you.

Honestly, I am moved by the smallest gestures, how a simple kind word can motivate me, and I believe in paying that forward. Therefore, when you need it… I am your girl.

Reassurance from someone outside of your family and friends that have to give it to you (It’s in the handbook) can do wonders.

We all want to feel validated and until we get to the next level, PUBLISHED…we can help each other.

I guess what I am admitting is that I am here to stay and hoping that you will, too!

Until then…keep writing.

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